Heavy Rain Causing Full Sumps and Spill Buckets

When runoff or ground water gets into spill bucket and sumps it becomes Petroleum Contact Water (PCW) because it has come in contact with any residual petroleum products that were still in that spill bucket or sump. Once this occurs that water can’t just be poured down the drain or back onto the concrete. You have to remove the water, manifest it, and haul it to a facility capable of refining that water and removing the petroleum so it can be returned to the sewer system. With all the rain that we have had in metro Atlanta over the last 60 days there are many sumps and spill buckets full of PCW. If that is the case at your facility you don’t have to worry; United is more than capable of removing that water, properly manifesting it, and disposing of it for you. We won’t just remove the problem and wait for it to return either. We can assess why water is coming into your sump or spill bucket, and provide you with the best course of action on how to keep water from getting in again. If you have a water problem call United now!