SiteWatch® Monthly and Annual Walk Through Inspections

Is compliance causing you headaches? Are you tired of keeping up with ATG Compliance Reports? Do you cringe at the thought of an EPD Compliance Inspection? Or do you simply not have the time to keep up with all of this on top of all of your other responsibilities? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions then United Pump and Controls, Inc. has the solution for you! Introducing SiteWatch®, your one-stop shop compliance solution! Not only will SiteWatch® solve your Compliance Reporting and Monthly / Annual Walk Through requirements, but it will also give you visibility to all of your Veeder-Root ATGs powered by Canary. Canary will allow you to view any of your Veeder-Root ATGs via cell modem from any computer or even your cell phone via an app! Call United today to learn more!

SiteWatch® will give you all of the following:


· GA EPD  Required Monthly and Annual Walk Through Inspections 

· GA EPD Required Monthly and Annual ATG Compliance Reports

  • Maintain records for 3 years in an Organized Binder with Electronic Backups

· Cloud Based Remote ATG Monitoring Powered by Canary Compliance

  • Daily Inventory Updates in Your Inbox
  • Emailed Alarm Notifications

· Annual ATG Certification Testing and Compliance Audit

  • Ensure your ATG Settings are properly configured
  • Ensure your ATG Sensors are working properly

· Monthly Spill Containment Inspections and Water Removal

  • Keep your spill buckets and sumps clean and dry
  • Properly dispose of petroleum contact water

· Monthly Pump and Dispenser Inspections

  • Catch Issues Before They Become Problems

· Annual Meter Calibration avilable with optional MeterWatch™

  • Ensure accuracy in your fuel reporting and accounting records

· Semi-annual Filter Changes avilable with optional FilterWatch™

  • Keep Your Pumps Fast and Your Fuel Clean
  • Prevent costly engine damage caused by dirty fuel

· SiteWatch® Customers receive a 10% Discount on service calls, parts and labor!

“Let United Help You Achieve and Maintain Complete Fuel System Compliance”


“Let United Catch Minor Issues Before they Become Major Problems!”


Click the link below to veiw GA EPD Underground Storage Tank Regulations